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Friday, July 29, 2005

I am such a geek-

Though you probably already knew that, if you've come around here more than once or twice. Anyway, school's out, the term's over, and I have a three week respite.

Why does that make me a geek? Because I really strive to get those 'A' grades. I'm just not willing to get anything less! I know that nobody else but me cares about my GPA and I'm mighty certain that it won't be a factor once I get that degree completed, but I really like getting 'A's!

Last night I stuck around a few minutes after my Financial Management final exam since the instructor was grading them on the spot. And I got the grade I wanted, both on the test and for the class. The Organizational Behavior class grades will be equally as good.

I haven't had a 'B' since this time last year...

I have 12 more classes- 6 terms to completion. Then what? A Masters degree? The BSU is saying ixnay to that consideration... Loudly!

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